Women Are Leaders In Their Circle of Influence


Leadership is not a position; it’s HOW to influence, motivate and empower others (including yourself). Regardless of your position or title it’s about truly connecting with people. As women we want to channel weaknesses into powerful tools so that we connect with self and our community.

Women are better able to influence and stand out as leaders when they feel empowered and nurtured from doing their own self-care. The better women take care of themselves the better women can facilitate productivity at home, at work, or in the community. 

Self- care includes:
  • Getting good sleep
  • Eating well
  • Exercising on a regular basis
  • Getting emotional support from others
  • Time to do what you love to do
  • Serving others can be a form of self-care

Based on our different roles and responsibilities, self-care may get put on the back burner. We may have small children or grandchildren that we are nurturing and we sacrifice so much for the care of our children that we lose a part of our self. Or, you may be working and pursuing your career or schooling while running a household with kids and pets. You may be divorced and struggling to hold onto a positive sense of self. No matter your circumstances, we are happier as women when we do some self-care during our day and or week.

Self-care may be a good night’s sleep or carving out time for you to regroup and nurture self. Sometimes self-care is saying “no” and establishing healthy boundaries. Self-care could be saying positive affirmations about self. Perhaps you are widowed and self-care could include reaching outside of yourself and serving others. Feelings of unworthiness can cause us to put ourselves last. When we put ourselves first and get a shower and put clothes on for the day. . . even make our bed. . . it can help us feel productive and like we are on top of our game. 

We may be waiting for others to take care of us and we experience hurt and anger when we feel over looked or unappreciated. However, let us not forget that we are the ones responsible for our own care and our own happiness. Personal power is based on keeping commitments to ourselves. Oftentimes, when we neglect self and over-do for others we find ourselves resentful. We neglect our own needs. We can change old patterns of self-denial and being the martyr. We can re-train those around us and remind them to treat us with greater respect and appreciation.

We get to be strong women who know that we are leaders, and that we do have power to influence, motivate and empower others. And most importantly we get to be women who know how to empower ourselves through healthy self-care. We can channel weaknesses into powerful tools so that we can make a difference in our homes and in the world. We can keep our promises to self, through self-care and stand as leaders in our circle of influence.

Give yourself a mother’s day gift by appreciating all your efforts and sacrifices for those you love and by accepting that you are good enough just the way you are.

Happy Mother’s Day!