What is Emotional Health?

Teamwork: Group of young and diverse people joining handsEmotional health is linked to our personal ability to manage negative thoughts and feelings. It is directly connected to your ability to maintain happiness and find joy even in stressful or crisis situations. At the Institute of Healing Arts it is our mission to offer educational material to teach and support emotional intelligence and improve emotional health individually and collectively .

So some of you may say does happiness really matter? It seems so fleeting at times and yet it can be either your general disposition or something that seems illusive and not real. Some of us are burdened in our lives and have separated from our natural state of happiness and joy. The more often we can be in a state of joy and happiness the more we feel renewed and rejuvenated. Learning the Art of Happiness can be a way of life and support how you already live and it can help you return to joy when life seems heavy and hard. Happiness does matter! We’ve all heard that success won’t bring you happiness. But have you heard the reverse is true? Choosing happiness is not just the right thing to do—it’s the smart thing to do for your health, relationships, and business.



Harvard studies prove:

  1. Happiness fuels success
  2. Happier people

     Are healthier

     Live Longer

     Are more satisfied in their relationships

     Experience less stress

  1. Happy salespeople are 37% more productive than their pessimistic colleagues.

Neuroscience proves that we are hardwired to perform at our best when we are happy. Happiness has the power to change your thinking, actions, and conversations. Happiness truly leads to success!

Pam Robinson

Owner and director

Institute of Healing Arts