Spring is the Season for New Growth 2017

Spring is just around the corner and we are so ready for the warmer temperatures, longer days, and more sun! As mother earth begins to waken after a deep sleep, we get to witness new life springing forward; first the tulips and daisies, then the yellow forsythia bushes and the lilacs. Their color and beautiful aromas breathe new life into our light-starved souls. If you need something to breathe new life into you and your everyday living, I encourage you to …

Gratitude is More Than a Feeling!

Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday. We get to spend time with loved ones and family . . . no gifts required, we get to eat good food and participate in family traditions. It doesn’t matter what religious beliefs you have or don’t have . . . it is an opportunity to express what we are grateful for with the people we love. When we are saying “Happy Thanksgiving” we are saying that “Thanksgiving makes us Happy.” It’s true! However, Thanksgiving and gratitude are more than a feeling…..