Discovering your truth

“All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered the point is to discover them.” -Galileo 1564-1642 Don’t be afraid to discover or rediscover your truth!  Here is a list of affirmations that can support you in living your truth: I am good enough I am loveable  I am capable I am capable of…

Over thinking things can be a bad habit!

Over thinking things can be a bad habit! I come from a long, productive line of professional worriers. My mother believed that when she worried about me and others she was showing love to me. I saw my mother in a constant state of worry. Worry equaled love in our family. Because she worried so much about me I felt bad and starting worrying myself, I worried that I might be a burden to her. I worked really hard to never show her that I was struggling because I didn’t want her to worry!

Find the Joy

Imagine if you could return to how you felt as a child, trusting your strengths and choosing to do what invigorates. Back then, I bet you didn’t give a thought to working on your weaknesses. When we participate in experiences that we feel confident in and that come naturally to us we feel empowered.