Growing Self-Love


There has been a big push in the past and recently too, with lots of expos, rallies, programs and classes directed to women to help them see their worth and value and to support them in claiming their authenticity. I love that we as women are seeing ourselves differently and healing old, outdated patterns of over giving, self-deprecation and harsh judgment towards self and others. I love that we are re-educating women about how to view themselves in healthy ways and how to participate in healthier patterns of self-care.

And, I don’t think that we can put too much emphasis on all of this because if you are like me . . .  I put myself first periodically and then I get going with my life and sure enough when I come up for air, I pull my head out and realize that 2 months have gone by and I haven’t done much for myself at all. And besides that, I find myself depleted and miserable, staring at those old patterns of self-denial and putting everyone else first and realizing that I have been neglecting self.

If you are like me you may need those gentle reminders that say that it is okay to say “no”, we don’t have to be everything to everybody. We may need to have it brought to our attention periodically that it is okay to take a break, to play, and to have fun. We get so caught up in the day-to-day living that we forget to budget time and money for self-care. I promise mom’s make the world go round and sometimes we think we are irreplaceable, and we are . . .  But we don’t have to have every minute of every day consumed with taking care of everyone else.

Maybe you have this whole thing figured out by now, but personally I am still working on this. I just want to challenge each of us to remember to breathe, and to find joy in those moments that are meaningful and real. Slowing the pace down in our everyday living –when and where we can– so that life doesn’t just pass us by. Take time to eat slow . . . . Isn’t that a silly reminder? But seriously, on some days there isn’t even time to eat . . . and I am gobbling my food down as fast as I can. (I know this happens to you too!)

Maybe, just maybe, we could settle into one of those days where we don’t have to rush around like a mad women, but can actually go the speed limit without feeling like to we have to tailgate the driver in front of us . . .  speeding up and then breaking . . . speeding up and then breaking . . . or when the kids are happily entertained and all of sudden there are a few moments of peace.  (Isn’t it crazy that when those moments happen we walk around and don’t even know what to do?)  Savor those moments that happen spontaneously and be intentional about actually following through with self-care by making a date with yourself.

Take time for YOU! . . . Give yourself permission to do self-care . . . . I am  . . . Right now I am setting up my watercolors so I can paint!


Happy Mother’s Day,