The Garden of the Heart

As spring comes into full force we get to witness the beautiful flowering displays of mother earth as she expresses abundance in the diversity of her garden. We watch the drab, brown, leafless trees from winter transform in a dramatic show of colorful blossoms as mother earth dresses the trees for spring and summer. We watch the forsythia bushes turn bright yellow, the purple grape Hyacinths burst from the soil as they soak in the sun and the rain. We smell the lilacs as they bloom, both in pink and in white, and we take in the sensational beauty as each flower takes the stage. Each flower blooms, not to distract from those that are already blooming, but to add to the show that has already begun. We witness the power of creation as we watch the bulbs, shrubs, flowers and tress each taking turn to bloom.

Each of us in our uniqueness has opportunities to bloom and to blossom. Each at our own individual pace and in our own perfect time. And as we come forward to create and to express ourselves, we do it not to distract from others, but as an expression of our learning. As we continue to move forward in our soul development, we have opportunities to pass through our own winters, only to find that spring does come again and that spring will eventually turn into summer. It’s a reminder that our adversity is only for a season. As each season moves to the next, Mother Earth gently reminds us of this cyclic pattern.  
Life is truly about change. As we move from season to season we get to observe ourselves and notice our own unique emotional patterns and coping mechanisms. During change and transition old triggers may manifest, weeds from the past may need to be cleared, and old emotional debris that settled during the winter may need to be removed.  We have an opportunity to clear space in the garden of the heart so that new seeds may be planted and new growth may be experienced. As we continue to participate in emotional processing we continue to create a space where our flowering personality can bloom and blossom.
If you find yourself in transition or change I encourage you to do your emotional gardening. Be willing to continue to pluck old weeds of negative thought patterns, clear generational beliefs and traditions that are no longer serving, bring in new soil and make preparations for new ideas and possibilities. Plant new seeds of truth and let them sprout and take root in the garden of your heart. Operate from a positive place inside of you. Use affirmations and design your life in a way that brings feelings of fulfillment and joy. Sit in the sun and absorb the warmth and light extended to you, from the love of those closest to you. Be willing to share the beauty and warmth of your light with others.
I personally invite you to participate in our emotional “gardening” class here at IHA by attending our weekend training June 16-17. Regular price is $249.00 and if you sign up now there is a $50.00 discount.
Come and learn the muscle testing and all the steps of the process so that you can pluck out old patterns (weeds) of self- doubt, fear and anxiety and nurture seeds of truth about your self-worth and value. Let us help you BLOOM where you are planted.
Happy Spring!