Growing Healthy Relationships

Growing Healthy Relationships
Welcome to our new students enrolled at our Utah and Arizona campuses, and to our new Independent Study Students from New Zealand and from across the United States! We are so excited to have you join us at The Institute of Healing Arts! You are in for a fun and exciting year! 
I love when school starts in the fall. It seems to put us in the mood to reach out for new learning and new growth. 
Emotional Health Education is so valuable and important in experiencing success in our lives. Gaining knowledge, coupled with skills and tools in this field, can benefit each one of us with time and money management, career decisions, self-care and especially relationships.
Growing healthy relationships includes healing outdated patterns of co-dependency and upgrading to new systems that feed love starved relationships. When it comes to feeding emotional hunger we have noticed that it can be challenging for each partner to get their individual needs met; especially when helping the rationally oriented partner and the emotionally oriented partner find balance with the others’ approach. But unity can be achieved.
At The Institute of Healing Arts, it is our intent to provide workshops, webinars, previews, weekend trainings, and a year-long certification course to help educate people about the overall benefits of emotional health. 
  • Are you interested in making the journey to bring the mind and the heart to unity and harmony?
  • Are you hungry for more intimate feelings in your relationship but are having difficulty getting your message across?
  • Is your partner asking for more of your emotional presence but you don’t know what that means or how to actually do it?
  • Are you looking for more specifics on how to identify, express, and receive feelings?
  • Do you want to know how our psychology becomes our physiology?
The answers to these questions and more are addressed in our up-coming workshop titled Healing Codependency Using Divine Logic. During the workshop, we explore definitions of love, release old patterns that no longer serve us, and learn how to express our feelings and ask for what we want. When we clear old patterns and learn to implement things in a new way, we can begin to expect different results in our lives. 
If you want more emotional presence in your life, you must learn how to support yourself on an emotional level. That emotional presence for Self will translate in to a stronger emotional connection with those in your life. The Institute of Healing Arts is all about growing healthy relationships-with self and with others.

Welcome again to all our students. Have a great year!