Emotional Super Powers


Hello friends! 
I am so excited to announce my new book co-authored with Rachelle Castor called Emotional Super Powers. It is our greatest desire to reach children ages 4 to 104 and share tools that can increase emotional awareness and self-mastery. This book includes stories, visualizations, and activities as well as journaling exercises to help increase emotional health for families. You will love the beautiful illustrations and the superpower tools that include oils, affirmations, music, and yoga poses.
Learning to manage our thoughts shape our brains in healthy ways and boosts our immune systems. Leaning into joy and gratitude on a consistent basis changes your quality of life. You want to be strong-minded in your positivity by mastering your thoughts. The ability to see beauty in spite of ugliness is a gift. Focus on the good, find joy in the struggle and embrace gratitude.
Accessing your emotional super powers can help you find meaning and purpose in your life.
Sample page:
For more information, visit emotionalsuperpowers.com