Emotional Super Powers Made Easy

So here is how you can implement Emotional Superpowers with your kids in your own home:


It’s interesting that often the emotional energy of making a decision is greater than the physical energy of executing that decision. It’s not the workout that’s hard it’s deciding to get up off the couch and go. Accessing your super powers to move you in the direction you want, strengthens your ability to Choose It and Choose In, empowering you to take action!




Small choices yield big results! Be committed to practicing and living the principles modeled in Emotional Super Powers. Going “all in” is the best way to be free of mental clutter that stifles your progress. Commitment and consistency minimizes the paralyzing hold of fear and by practicing the patterns you have committed to, you will get to where you want to go. Access the genius of every part of you, let it live in your whole self-heart, might, mind, and strength-as you Power UP Your Brain.




Strengthening our superpowers takes practice. As we learn to Live It, we have greater power to Give It or share our super power “smarts” with others. Offering these tips and tools to empower others is a service and a special super power that not only helps the receiver, but the giver as well. Service takes the focus off of your own emotional discomfort and gives you the power to focus on someone else’s needs. You can bring joy and light to others through kindness.



Help your child choose an emotional superpower he/she wants to focus on or as a family decide which super power you want to work with as a family. Read the page and the smart heart tips. Discuss ideas of how you could see improvements in this area. There is a poster with stickers that the kids and the adults can use to measure progress and celebrate self-mastery. Every time a choice is made to do something good with heavy feelings the stickers represent the super power tools that were used while working on the chosen emotional superpower. Some of the tools include using an essential oil or doing yoga poses, or journaling in the book. Other super power tools that helps increase levels of hope and happiness include meditation, visualizations, doing service for others, listening to inspirational music and exercise.

There is an opportunity to work with just the book or to purchase the emotional super powers program in a bundle which includes the poster, stickers, a color chart, a wrist band that says “I am my own super hero,” and a button.

Having written this book specifically for children and having such a deep desire to help promote emotional health education for all ages has been my dream for years. And now to finally have part of this dream manifest warms my heart and allows my soul to sing. I want you to know that this book is a simple but very powerful tool that you can use to help those closest to you, as well as a tool that opens doors to processing.
The book is reasonably priced its 68 pages of beautiful photography, stories, and emotional health principles and values that can help all of us mature emotional health education.  
Pam Robinson