Boost Your Vitality Using Meditation with Oils

Boost Your Vitality Using Meditation with Oils

Meditation is the ability to empty your mind of all unwanted thoughts and chatter. Our world is loud and noisy and it is difficult to find a quiet, peaceful place. Finding that quiet, peaceful place inside of you helps you to connect and hear your own voice. Meditation brings a certain kind of serenity, better health and a sense of well-being. Learning how to meditate and quiet the mind takes awareness, focus, and practice. Including meditation in your life on a more regular basis would mean strengthening your mental muscles.

Many of us are controlled by our negative thoughts. Learning to dispel negativity can be more effective than medication. There are ways to conquer anxiety and negativity by building stronger skills in the mental and emotional realm.

When we are out of shape mentally we become flabby or loose with our own mental thoughts. We are easily distracted, tossed to and fro and spend energy trying to keep up with everyone else’s reality, accomplishments and opinions. We tend to be a sponge for negativity with weak mental filters. We lose track of who we are and what is truly of value in our own lives. Without strong mental muscles, we are more susceptible to emotional viruses and can wear ourselves down to the point where we cannot build or protect our own emotional immune system. It is in these states that we are more likely to experience illness and disease. Meditation boosts our vitality and scrubs out the unwanted chatter. Regular meditation practice allows space for the mind and heart to reconnect, reboot and renew. Our vitality is based on our ability for renewal.

Meditation adds to our mental/emotional strength. It is a daily practice and exercise that can continually manage unwanted mental/emotional toxicity and can help us access a sustainable system of health and well-being.

On Monday September 19th we will be offering a Free Webinar. Our topic is Boost Your Vitality Using Meditation with Oils. We will be gathering at 10:00 a.m. to learn the benefits of meditation and also to participate in a group meditation using oils.  Amanda Porter from Enlighten will be joining us as a guest speaker on our webinar. She will be discussing how oils can bring vitality and depth to our meditative practices.

I would love to have you join us on that day and participate with us as we discuss together the benefits of meditation and the use of oils. If you are interested, please contact the office through email at or by phone at 801-785-5259 so that you can be included on our webinar. If you would like to join our weekly webinars, register at

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