Awakening the Emotional Super Powered Brain

The Prefrontal Cortex processes reasoning, inventing, discovering, and creative thinking. This is where we connect to our individuality and sense of self, along with our highest intelligence. Here is where we understand who we are in relationship to our community and our history. We can think originally, beyond survival, as we learn to thrive. In other words, developing the prefrontal cortex can shift us from burdened hopelessness or despair, into joy, gratitude and what many term, enlightenment.
Which brain are you using?
Reptilian Brain- Do you feel you are in a constant struggle for survival? If we are forever trying to make ends meet financially, or desperately attempting to keep ourselves alive, we are living from the reptilian brain. Designed to keep us safe, the reptilian brain will cling to fear, competition or jealousy and may override our ability to work together with others creating more struggle-stuck in the past or fearful of our future.
Mammalian Brain– Have you struggled in love and relationship? The mammalian brain operates our ability to give love and receive love. The mammalian brain holds the pain of abusive, controlling, co-dependent relationships. The hurt and heartache of old patterns of love and betrayal need to be dismantled as new definitions of love are practiced and mastered. Learning what is keeping us burdened so we can forgive and love people in spite of their weakness and learn to protect ourselves from further abuse, helps us access the power of the prefrontal cortex.
Neo-Cortex-Does your intellect get in the way of your passion and joy? Are you forever analyzing things in your head? Do you fail to follow your instinct and your intuition? Do you mistrust anything that is not proven scientifically? Are you disconnected from your feelings and insensitive to the feelings of others, even when you try not to be? If so, then you are strapped and bound to the fiendishly logical aspect of the neo-cortex.
If you are experiencing a predominance of any one of these brains, it is a sign that the parts of your brain are not acting in harmony and that those in the background at the moment are allowing another part to dominate and exhibit only its limited traits.
Prefrontal Cortex-Can you forgive easily? See things from a different perspective? Are you less concerned with the letter of the law, allowing people to learn and grow in their own way? Are you working to feel more grounded? Looking for ways to feel connected to love, beauty, and seeing the goodness in self and others? These are signs that you are experiencing the fruits of enlightened consciousness. Emotional maturity and the ability to use your emotional super powers show up in the pre-frontal cortex. Self-awareness and self-care show an awakening of the new brain.
Experiencing brain synergy and the enlightenment of emotional super powers opens our hearts and minds to healthy relationship with self, money, others, prosperity and our higher power. When we have awakened our prefrontal cortex we have the ability to access our brilliance even our genius. We recognize and feel confident in our survival, our prosperity and our purpose.
Strengthening your emotional superpowers can help open the prefrontal cortex individually and collectively. Focusing on healthy bonding and love, forgiveness, letting go, being conscious about your language and your words, using meditations, or yoga can help you integrate all four parts of your brain. Bringing old patterns to closure and healing emotional woundedness can help you access the prefrontal cortex. It can help you leap tall buildings, overcome negativity and power up your brain! You can be your own emotional super hero!