August 2018 Promotion

A New Super Powered Book!
Introducing Smart Hearts for Kids values themed products designed to strengthen emotional intelligence for children and families. As we work with schools, churches, and humanitarian and social outreach organizations Emotional Super Powers will build resilience as we combat the emotional and physical effects of trauma, abuse, chronic stress, anxiety, depression, and suicide.
We believe tomorrow’s leaders will be those who have learned to manage emotion in an intelligent, thoughtful and skilled manner. Our mission is to instill empathy for self and others by helping children recognize difficulties and struggles in a new light of awareness, mindfulness, and self-actualization.
As the engine of personal transformation is fueled through developing connection, encouraging collaborative social efforts, and educating children to see who they really are, what their potential is and how to value self and others, Emotional Super Powers enlists the heart and mind. This book teaches the child to quiet his or her inner voice and respect the messages of the heart so that the discovery of meaning and enlightenment can be attained in a language today’s child readily understands. 
We are so excited about the release of this book! For more information, visit Pre-order your copy today (thru September 15, 2018)!
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