Pam Robinson

Pam Robinson is the director of The Institute of Healing Arts. She was born in Cedar City, Utah. She is the oldest of eight children. She graduated from BYU in 1984 with a B.A. in Elementary Education. She is the mother of five beautiful children and currently lives in Pleasant Grove, Utah.

Pam has decades of experience with emotional release work. For over ten years, she has been using a technique called the four-step “Process.” The Process is a combination of several modalities, including MRT (muscle response testing), bio-kinesiology, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), visualization, chakra work, emotion points, role-playing, speak-out feelings, and emotional release work. This specific technique is just one of many ways to do emotional release work.

Processing has been a marvelous tool in her personal life. It has been her desire to teach others to use this technique for their own personal healing.

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Private Practice

Aside from teaching at and directing the school, Pam works with children and adults on a private basis. By following her four-step process, Pam has helped thousands discover their true worth and eliminate negative belief systems and behaviors that are no longer working in their lives.

To schedule an appointment with Pam, call 801-785-5259.

Business Coaching and Consulting

In addition to working with private clients, Pam also offers business coaching and consulting.


Pam has developed a curriculum that has proven to be successful and effective. She offers group training to help businesses motivate their employees and develop a positive work culture. Her work is original, inspiring, and insightful. She has a gift for tailoring her curriculum and material to meet the specific needs of her clients.


Pam’s insight and clarity make her a powerful and engaging speaker with the ability to captivate a crowd. She is available to speak about emotional health and overcoming obstacles to groups of any size at a variety of business functions. As a speaker, Pam helps define culture and offers information for leadership and personal development. She provides skills and tools to heal outdated patterns in the business place. Her approach will motivate and inspire the individuals in your group and business to upgrade to a higher level of performance and success at work.


Personal coaching sessions are available to help individuals work through negative beliefs about success and performance in business. During each session, the client will be guided through an Emotional Release Process to help identify any negative beliefs. Each session provides clarity, understanding, and direction to help individuals follow their ideal path. Our coaches are highly trained and have been personally invited to participate in this group by Pam. To see a list of coaches and/or to schedule an appointment, click here.

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The Bright Red Bow: Discover the Power of the Emotional Process

The Bright Red Bow is Pam’s first book. It is a personal account of her own healing experience. The book includes her own story, case studies, and a description of the four-step “process.”

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Emotional Liberty: The Power of Choice
By Pam Robinson

Emotional Liberty is about the power of choice. In this book, Pam Robinson shares an empowering message about recognizing emotional clutter in easy and simple ways and helps readers understand how to use choice to let it go so they can live a more meaningful life.


Emotional Super Powers: Empower a Child – Heal the World

Pam is committed to providing educational material for children that supports emotional health. Her most recent project has created Smart Hearts for Kids values themed products designed to strengthen emotional intelligence for children and families.

This book was co-authored with Rachelle Castor and was written to help teach children to quiet their inner voice and respect the messages of the heart so that the discovery of meaning and enlightenment can be attained in a language today’s child readily understands.
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