Graduate Program



Graduated? What’s Next?

Designed for graduates of the year-long Certification Course, the graduate program offers advanced topics and content in emotional health, including greater depth into chakras, professional practice development, ethics, and generational healing.  This course is designed and taught by IHA Founder and Director, Pam Robinson, by request of program graduates that had a desire to take their practice to the next level.  In this series of lectures, Pam offers her insights into building a healthy business, working with people, and best-practices for running an alternative healing practice.



Schedule and Price

$30/lecture or purchase the full 18-lecture series for $540.  If a graduate purchases all 18 lectures within 30 days of graduating, he or she will receive a $90 discount. 

Lectures available online.  Call 801.785.5259 to purchase.


Titles of Lecture and Notes

1. Faithlessness, Setting Goals

2. ADD/ADHD, Time Management

3. Intimacy/Sexuality, Self Care

4. Pornography/Same Sex Attraction, Power of Anger

5. Processing Children, Healing Childhood Wounds

6. Parenting, Male and Female Energy

7. Borderline Personality, Border/Borderline

8. Priniciples of Abundance, Beliefs about Money

9. Generational Patterns, Flower Essence

10. Optimal Brain Function, Nutritional Support

11. Taking Yourself to Market, Building a Business

12. Coping with Loss, Grief Support

13. Advanced Chakras I, Games/Gifts

14. Advanced Chakras II, Games/Gifts

15. Advanced Chakras III, Games/Gifts

16. Archetypes, Who Are You?

17. Emotional IQ (Patterns), Communication

18. Inductive and Deductive Reasoning