Codependency Workshop



Healing Patterns of Codependency Using Divine Logic

Pam Robinson introduces an in-depth and exciting workshop to explore and better understand our relationships with others.  Many people feel as though they are in a never-ending power struggle in their relationships.  We feel as though we keep repeating the same patterns, with the same people, ending up in the same place again-and-again.  Fortunately, there is another way.  Through emotional health awareness, information, and tools we can begin to heal patterns of codependency, painful experiences from the past, and pain within ourselves and in our relationships with others.



Join Institute of Healing Arts Founder and Director, Pam Robinson, at this powerful 2-day workshop:

Cost: $388.00/person

Date: For exact dates, visit our calendar.

Time: 9:00-5:00pm both days (Friday and Saturday)

Hosted at: IHA, 139 S. State Street Suite 6, Lindon, Utah 84042

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Details of the workshop:

  • Learn ways to identify and recognize codependency, and its impact on individuals and relationships.
  • Uncover ways to heal addictions to control.
  • Discover the relationship between codependency and painful experiences from childhood.
  • Develop your own emotional maturity, and pathways to healthy bonding in relationships.
  • Finally, learn how recognizing and healing coping and controlling mechanisms can contribute to all areas of your life, relationships and beyond.

We are thrilled to bring this information forward, and look forward to sharing this informational experience together.