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The Institute of Healing Arts

Founded by Pam Robinson in 2000, the Institute of Healing Arts (IHA) was established to inform individuals and families about emotional health education, through the practice and study of emotional health processing.  The Institute provides seminars, classes, workshops, and emotional healing services to teach emotional health processing for adults and children in the Utah and Arizona areas, and worldwide through the IHA’s independent study program and online classes.

“I have a sincere desire to help support others in their emotional healing.  The process itself changed my life.  You also have the opportunity.  Freedom can be yours if you choose to participate with us, here, at the Institute of Healing Arts.”  –Pam Robinson, Founder & Director



The mission of IHA is to improve the emotional health of all people across the world, by healing our individual patterns of abuse, depression, and painful experiences from the past.  Through the process of emotional release, we bring forth new knowledge and information to benefit ourselves, our families, our communities, and the generations to come.

The Institute of Healing Arts is located in Lindon, Utah, with a sister campus in Mesa, Arizona.  For more information about our upcoming events and happenings, visit our calendar of events.


Coursework in Emotional Health

The Institute of Healing Arts provides multiple opportunities to learn more about emotional health, from weekend seminars designed to take a deep-dive into related topics, to classes for those interested in becoming certified as an emotional release facilitator.  All coursework within the school is taught specifically around the Integrative Processing Technique, a 4-part technique used in emotional healing. Read more


Course Catalogue


IPT Core Certification Course

Overview: This year-long training course prepares students to become an emotional release facilitator.

Schedule: Year-long, 645 hours, including 48-lectures, and lab time. This course begins in January, June, and September.  Available as an independent study program for distance learners.  Arizona courses also available and begin around March and October.  For exact date and times visit our calendar.

Have you felt a calling in your heart to go deep?  This year-long course offers 48-lectures on emotional education, spanning content on personal development, professional development, energy work, and an in-depth exploration of emotional healing release as a practice.  Whether you are looking to transform your own life through education and emotional healing release, or desire to start your own practice, this comprehensive course prepares students to do both.  Throughout the course, you will receive and practice emotional healing processing, and use those experiences to cultivate greater personal awareness and knowledge of your emotional well being.

Details: Tuition is $5,500/person and with a payment option of $459/month. Additionally, there is a one-time registration fee of $125.

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 Graduate Support Group

Overview: This support group is offered for IHA graduates interested in professional emotional healing facilitation or advanced education in emotional health.

Details: Diana at 801-623-8152.

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Introduction to the Integrative Processing Technique

Overview: Experience emotional healing in this free, 2-hour workshop. See how emotional healing works first-hand through exercises and a demonstration of the Integrative Processing Technique (IPT).

Schedule: Held every third Thursday of the month at The Institute of Healing Arts, Lindon Campus. For exact date and times visit our calendar.

Details: Free. No registration required.

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 IPT Foundations Weekend Training

Overview: This training is designed for anyone interested in learning the fundamentals of emotional health and the Integrative Processing Technique.

Schedule: Friday night and Saturday all day.  This workshop is held three times per year in Utah (January, June, and September) and twice per year in Arizona (March and October).  For exact date and times visit our calendar.

This workshop is recommended for those interested in learning more about emotional health in their own lives, and the technique of emotional release as a healing practice.  In this workshop, you will learn about muscle response testing, shapes and colors, and the power of emotions in our health, livelihood, and well-being.  You will also have the opportunity to learn in-depth, each of the 4 steps in the Integrative Processing Technique.  Participants will work with another attendee to process one-another, with the guidance of a certified facilitator.  This workshop is also recommended for those interested in learning more about becoming a certified facilitator.

Details: $249/person and includes snacks and lunch.  The training is hosted live at the school.

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 Children’s Clinic

Overview: This 1-hour workshop is offered to children as an educational experience to learn about emotional health.

Schedule: Offered three times per year in Utah (March, July, and November) and twice per year in Arizona (March and October).  For exact date and times visit our calendar.

Designed for young people 4-12 years of age, the Children’s Workshop is a great way to teach our children about the importance of emotional wellbeing.  In a short hour, youth will have the opportunity to learn about their feelings and how to properly express the full range of their emotions.  Young people will have an opportunity to color and participate in this experiential learning workshop.

Details: $25/ child. Hosted live at the school.

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 Other Classes/Programs

Overview: Throughout the year, we offer additional classes for students and for the public. For exact date and times visit our calendar.

Details: Diana at 801-623-8152.