Shaelene Ashby, PhD


Dr. Shaelene Ashby grew up in beautiful Heber City, UT. During much of her life, she struggled with symptoms of depression, and more recently, chronic pain. Facing these challenges has led Shae to learn more about herself, as well as find methods of healing that address the whole person – body, mind and spirit.

In her quest to learn more about health and healing, Shae received her bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and then continued on to receive her master’s and doctorate degrees in Health Education. Upon graduating, Shae discovered The Institute of Healing Arts (IHA) and emotional release processing. She was drawn to IHA’s emphasis on emotional health education and psychoneuroimmunology and quickly enrolled in their training program. She is now an IHA trained Certified Emotional Release Facilitator.

Through her own processing, Shae has noticed improvements in her emotional health, relationships, and even a reduction in her chronic pain. She believes that emotional work is vital to the health of all individuals.

Through processing, Shae assists clients in improving their health and relationships by releasing old repressed emotions, identifying and changing limiting belief systems, and breaking old unwanted family patterns. Shae’s nature is gentle and kind, which enables her to easily connect and empathize with her clients.

Currently, Shae acts as the Director of Rhinology Clinical Research at the University of Utah, in addition to running her own private practice, Well-Life Integrative Health LLC. At Well-Life, Shae provides tele-health (i.e., online & phone) services for adult (18+) clients. Her services include health education, skills training, emotional release processing, and mind-body work.

Dr. Ashby can be reached at: or 801-895-4943.