Sara Thacker

Located in: Heber City, Utah

Sara Thacker was born and raised in the Heber Valley. It made sense for her and her husband, Shaun, to settle in the area and raise their two teenage sons. They enjoy the mountains, and spend family time horse riding, camping, hiking, snowshoeing, hunting and fishing.

Sara has spent the last twenty years as a cosmetologist. She has been self-employed and has worked in different aspects of her career including instructing at a cosmetology school, managing several salons and working in a barber shop. Her favorite place to work is in her home salon.

After years of working in front of a mirror trying to convince herself and her clients that physical beauty woud bring happiness, Sara came to realize there was more to feeling good with Self than outward appearances. With divine intervention she happened upon the Institute of Healing Arts, where she immediately connected with the school’s message and quickly realized this education was exactly what she needed on both a personal and professional level. Sara could see just how helpful this would be to herself and many others so she enrolled in the One-Year Certification Course.

Sara graduated with a “Clinic in Excellence” award, exceeding the school’s required standard for credit hours and clinic hours. Now, as Sara works with her clients, she stands on the other side of the mirror and helps them discover new possibilities from within.

Currently, Sara works at the Institute of Healing Arts as a co-trainer and is setting up her Emotional Health practice in Heber City, Utah.

Sara can be reached or 801-885-1305.

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