Meet Our Facilitators

Processing sessions are available to help individuals work through their negative beliefs. During each session, your facilitator will guide you through an emotional release process to help you identify your negative beliefs. You will leave each session with clarity, understanding and direction to help you follow your ideal path. Our facilitators have been trained and specifically invited to participate in this group by Pam Robinson.

Connie Perrett

Connie H Perrett combines a farm girl childhood, raised in So. Central Utah, with a world-traveled … more

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Barbara Porter

Barbara Porter was born in Mesa, AZ. She is the second of ten children. Barbara and her … more

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Pam Housley
Pam Housley is a certified Emotional Health Facilitator and Independent Study Trainer … more

Diana Nield

Diana Piñon Nield is a certified Emotional Healing Facilitator who has the ability to identify … more

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Beckie Strong Larsen

Beckie is a seeker of truth, a friend and an advocate for humanity. She continually seeks for … more

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Sara Thacker

Sara Thacker was born and raised in the Heber Valley. It made sense for her and her husband, … more

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Jerelyn Gardner

Jerelyn is a trainer for the Institute of Healing Arts in Tucson, AZ. She was born in Provo, Utah … more

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Laurie Clark

Laurie Clark has worked in and with holistic healing for the past 20 years. It has been a large… more

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Cheryl Bigler

Cheryl Bigler has lived in Arizona for 37 years with her husband, Cliff. They have four children … more

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Shaelene Ashby, PhD

Dr. Shaelene Ashby grew up in beautiful Heber City, UT. During much of her life, she … more

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