Diana Nield

Located in: Lindon, Utah

Diana Piñon Nield is a certified Emotional Healing Facilitator who has the ability to identify negative belief systems and behaviors blocking emotional, spiritual and mental growth. In identifying these belief systems, clients have obtained a positive perspective embracing new behaviors and healing old hurts.

Prior to coming to Utah, Diana spent 17 years as a Caregiver and 10 years as an Employment Specialist for the State of Washington, in addition to raising a family of six. Diana is now the grandmother of 17 grandchildren and has the ability to relate to children of all ages. She managed many emotional aspects of near death experiences with her spouse and the impact such experiences have on a family.  As an Employment Specialist she designed and taught workshops regarding life crisis of lost employment, resume classes, identifying job skills, addressing job barriers, and redefining self for a new work environment.

Diana received her education in Texas and Washington State. She is a graduate of IHA, graduating with Honors and is Bilingual (Spanish/English). Because of her diverse background she has the ability to address cultural beliefs, behaviors and the impact they have on families. She is best known for facilitating insight to what is in your heart and self-awareness.

Diana can be reached at: dianan49@me.com or 801-623-8152.