Cheryl Bigler

Located in: Tempe, Arizona

Cheryl Bigler has lived in Arizona for 37 years with her husband, Cliff.  They have four children and four grandchildren.

Family, relationships and music are central to Cheryl’s life. Through 41 years of marriage, 56 years of piano playing, several years of teaching piano, and a lifetime of relationships with friends and family, Cheryl found joy and release to life’s stresses.

Then in 2008 Cheryl was introduced to The Institute of Healing Arts and Pam Robinson (Owner & Director) through a good friend.   As Cheryl worked on stress, negative belief systems and misperceptions, she found even greater peace in her life. Seeing the positive changes that “The Process” brought into her life, she wanted to share it with those around her.    She was given the opportunity to study with the Institute and learn to facilitate “The Process”.  She graduated with a Facilitators Certificate in Feb. 2015, is presently co-trainer for the Institute of Healing Arts – Arizona Distant Group.  She currently works to help others in her private practice find emotional healing, strengthened relationships, and freedom from pain and dysfunction.

Cheryl can be reached at: or 480-282-7314.