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General Information

Facilitators are available, by appointment, either in-person or over-the-phone. Read our qualified facilitator bios below to schedule a process. Next, use the Process Request Form or call 801.785.5259 to schedule an appointment.

Session pricing varies depending on the experience of each facilitator, ranging from $25 for students in clinic, to $50-75 for advanced facilitators.


Recommendations for Scheduling

To see the full benefits of emotional processing, we generally recommend 3-4 appointments, once per week or every two weeks. Some people only process a handful of times to alleviate minor issues or challenges, while others benefit from continued work over months or years. There is no right way. Our facilitators will work with you to match scheduling with the benefits you are looking to achieve.


Facilitator Bios

Connie Perrett


Connie H Perrett combines a farm girl childhood, raised in So. Central Utah, with a world-traveled military background on top of a strong service orientation.  After serving a mission to Japan for the LDS church, she earned her LPN, and trained and worked in psychiatry while serving in the U.S. Army with her husband, Patrick.  Living everywhere from Germany to Canada to South Carolina and Colorado while adding five children to their family, Connie and Patrick settled in Utah in 1999.

Connie continued to excell at mothering, cheering on her husband’s and sons’ avid hockey playing, volunteering in various schools and community venues, as well as establishing the Heart to Home Foundation, Utah’s own extreme charity home makeover organization, where she served as project manager and mural artist.  Connie is an accomplished artist and musician.  She graduated from the Institute of Healing Arts in 2011, and began as a teacher/trainer in 2012.  In her own words, “I was introduced to IHA thanks to a neighbor, and fell in love with the Process.  I was completely enchanted with its remarkable power to facilitate healing and change lives.  It seemed to me to be the perfect marriage of my training in Nursing, Psychiatry, and Life’s School of Hard Knocks.”  Connie continues to teach at IHA, as well as see private clients in her office on site. 

Connie can be reached at:, 801-787-2355 or request process now.


Pam Housleyimage (1)

Pam Housley is a certified Emotional Health Facilitator and Independent Study Trainer for the Institute of Healing Arts. She has Facilitated emotional health since 2008.
She has recently relocated to St George, Utah and continues to facilitate emotional release over the phone and in person. Pam is a wife and mother of 7 children. She began her journey in emotional health many years ago as she searched for something that would bring healing to her family. She discovered that as she healed herself, her family began to heal. Using the “emotional release process” her world changed and she began to enjoy emotional health.
Pam enjoys reading, playing the piano, being in the sunshine, organic gardening, family gatherings, and healthy cooking.  
 Pam can be reached at:, 801-592-0773 or request process now.


Barbara Porter


Barbara Porter was born in Mesa, AZ. She is the second of ten children. Barbara and her husband have been married for 37 years and are the parents of six wonderful children. She has been the Trainer for the Institute of Healing Arts Arizona Distance Group since 2011.

Barbara graduated from the Institute of Healing Arts in 2009 completing the Facilitators Emotional Health Certification and receiving the Clinic in Excellence Award.   After experiencing the incredible benefits of the “Processing” technique for herself and her family, Barbara had a great desire to assist others in finding healing in their life. She opened her own private Emotional Release practice, True Perceptions, in 2009. Barbara continues to facilitate many people in finding emotional freedom and healing, and make real, lasting change through eliminating negative belief systems and behavior patterns that are no longer working in their lives.

Barbara is committed to teaching emotional health concepts and skills in facilitation and assisting those who desire to take ownership of their lives, helping them move forward in ways they have never before experienced.  

Barbara can be reached at:, 480-570-8850 or request process now.


Beckie Strong Larsenbeckie

Beckie is a seeker of truth, a friend and an advocate for humanity. She continually seeks for happiness and peace in her own life and wants to have others join her on this path to wholeness. She was led to The Institute of Healing Arts and ‘the process’ as a way to help her better understand and overcome her own personal pain. Her experience was so profound that she devoted herself to the year long emotional health education course in 2012 and graduated with the Facilitator in Excellence award, under the direction of Pam Robinson and Connie Perrett.

 As a certified emotional release facilitator, she has joyfully used the process to help others deepen and broaden their emotional intelligence and find peace and healing in their lives.
Beckie’s ability to empathize, combined with her compassionate heart and keen insights, help her guide clients to let go of negative beliefs and open up to a new way of thinking. She treats all she encounters with a caring warmth and provides a safe and non-judgemental space for clients to work through their pain. She holds a strong belief that through emotional processing healing and true change are possible.
Beckie’s life quest is to continually learn and educate her mind and spirit.  For this reason, she is currently studying behavioral science and psychology at UVU. She appreciates and finds great value in both; a holistic and clinical side of mental and emotional health. Using her own unique style and skill set, Beckie works toward harmonizing both options with her clients.
Beckie can be reached at: 801-358-3292 or request process now.


Sara Thacker

Sara Thacker was born and raised in the Heber Valley. It made sense for her and her husband, Shaun, to settle in the area and raise their two teenage sons. They enjoy the mountains, and spend family time horse riding, camping, hiking, snowshoeing, hunting and fishing.

Sara has spent the last twenty years as a cosmetologist. She has been self-employed and has worked in different aspects of her career including instructing at a cosmetology school, managing several salons and working in a barber shop. Her favorite place to work is in her home salon. 

After years of working in front of a mirror trying to convince herself and her clients that physical beauty woud bring happiness, Sara came to realize there was more to feeling good with Self than outward appearances. With divine intervention she happened upon the Institute of Healing Arts, where she immediately connected with the school’s message and quickly realized this education was exactly what she needed on both a personal and professional level. Sara could see just how helpful this would be to herself and many others so she enrolled in the One-Year Certification Course.
Sara graduated with a “Clinic in Excellence” award, exceeding the school’s required standard for credit hours and clinic hours. Now, as Sara works with her clients, she stands on the other side of the mirror and helps them discover new possibilities from within.
Currently, Sara works at the Institute of Healing Arts as a co-trainer and is setting up her Emotional Health practice in Heber City, Utah.


Shari Angell

Living in power, being in spontaneous joy and seeking the “spakle of life” with magical laughter, fabulous fun and forever smiles while chasing a tornado of possibilities is what Shari Angell is most passionate about.

Shari is a June 2016 IHA graduate and is thrilled to be back as a co-trainer. She absolutely loves The Process and can’t imagine a day without sharing this beautiful gift with someone.


Cheryl Bigler

Cheryl 4-14-16

Cheryl Bigler has lived in Arizona for 37 years with her husband, Cliff.  They have four children and four grandchildren. 

Family, relationships and music are central to Cheryl’s life.   Through 41 years of marriage, 56 years of piano playing, several years of teaching piano, and a lifetime of relationships with friends and family, Cheryl found joy and release to life’s stresses.

Then in 2008 Cheryl was introduced to The Institute of Healing Arts and Pam Robinson (Owner & Director) through a good friend.   As Cheryl worked on stress, negative belief systems and misperceptions, she found even greater peace in her life. Seeing the positive changes that “The Process” brought into her life, she wanted to share it with those around her.    She was given the opportunity to study with the Institute and learn to facilitate “The Process”.  She graduated with a Facilitators Certificate in Feb. 2015, is presently co-trainer for the Institute of Healing Arts – Arizona Distant Group.  She currently works to help others in her private practice find emotional healing, strengthened relationships, and freedom from pain and dysfunction.

Cheryl can be reached at:, 480-282-7314 or request process now.


Diana Nield

Diana Piñon Nield is a certified Emotional Healing Facilitator who has the ability to identify negative belief systems and behaviors blocking emotional, spiritual and mental growth. In identifying these belief systems, clients have obtained a positive perspective embracing new behaviors and healing old hurts.

Prior to coming to Utah, Diana spent 17 years as a Caregiver and 10 years as an Employment Specialist for the State of Washington, in addition to raising a family of six. Diana is now the grandmother of 17 grandchildren and has the ability to relate to children of all ages. She managed many emotional aspects of near death experiences with her spouse and the impact such experiences have on a family.  As an Employment Specialist she designed and taught workshops regarding life crisis of lost employment, resume classes, identifying job skills, addressing job barriers, and redefining self for a new work environment.

Diana received her education in Texas and Washington State. She is a graduate of IHA, graduating with Honors and is Bilingual (Spanish/English). Because of her diverse background she has the ability to address cultural beliefs, behaviors and the impact they have on families. She is best known for facilitating insight to what is in your heart and self-awareness.

Diana can be reached at:, 801-623-8152 or request process now.