A Simple Christmas

In the hustle and bustle for the preparations of the up-coming holiday season, thoughts of gift giving fill our heads. Instead of sugar plums dancing in our dreams we are lying awake at night trying to figure out what to give to that “hard to buy for person”.
All we really want is a simple Christmas season where we can spend time with family and loved ones. But the ritual of gift giving at this time of year can be overwhelming. Where is the balance between too much consumerism and offering meaningful gifts?
I think keeping Christmas “simple” can help us navigate the holidays while participating in meaningful gift-giving.


  • Spirit of Christmas is amplified when we let go of unrealistic expectations of our self and others. In that same spirit we are living from a place of acceptance and understanding that what we have to offer is good enough.
  • Inspire and encourage others to greater effort, enthusiasm and creativity and awaken In them feelings of love and light.
  • Memories of spending time with family and friends is the best gift of all.

  • Peace comes when we focus on Christ.
  • Love acts like golden threads that weave hearts to together in unity and harmony. If you look closely you will see love everywhere.
  • Engage in people not things.

May you find joy and gratitude in the “simple” things during the holidays!

All my love,